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Training description
This section of the training program makes up all remaining hours. Its broken into several sections.
non-classroom hours
This will give the student hands on training in the areas of vehicle inspection, backing, coupling and uncoupling, shifting, basic control and safety operations. The student will not only receive the chance to practice these operations and will spend time observing other students preforming these tasks.
Yard Operation Training
Students will receive driving training in actual open road and traffic conditions.
Driver training
Backing instruction and training of Tracker Trailer Semi Trucks will allow the students to confidently control the truck during backing situations
backing-up training
This section allows the student to demonstrate to the instructor their ability to correctly preform the skills necessary to be a certified Truck Driver
Classroom Hours: This portion of the training provides the student the necessary foundation to understand the operation of the truck and its equipment.Student also will receive training on DOT Rules and Regulations. Proper recording procedures for Logbooks.

Pre-trip Inspection procedures and technical data on a variety of onboard truck systems. Student will be evaluated for their proficiency in retaining classroom information with a Mid Term and Final Exam.
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